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  Jesse received his Bachelor's degree in business administration from Flagler University in 2006 and has been attending shows relentlessly for over 2 decades. After working in sound, production and event hosting he finally discovered his destiny in booking. With his talents in business and his passion in music he is a dedicated servant to the industry. There is nothing he enjoys more than opening up an audience to new sounds and talented musicians. He believes in the universal language of song and is devoted to the task of promoting great music.


  "I can honestly say I love what I do, there is no better pleasure for me than watching a band I believe in, succeed. With a BA in business administration and a tight nit group of friends in the entertainment industry I can assure that my clients will work at their full potential at great venues across the country. "  -- Jesse D. Potts

  Backbone Booking was created to support the artist. Everything in the universe needs some sort of support system, in nature and in everything man made.  We are the support you need to get your band to the next level, your backbone, so to speak.... Whether you need to go from local to regional, regional to national, or national to international. The Backbone family is where you need to be. We give you the opportunity to focus on writing, rehearsing, and performing because we do the rest! 

Founder and CEO
Jesse D. Potts

Media Specialist 

Elizabeth Andrews

  As the daughter of a very talented local jazz musician Elizabeth has grown-up in and around the music business. Her musical connections are derived from deep roots in music and the relationships built during her lifetime of emersion in the industry.


  Elizabeth graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, where she studied multiple facets, including media and magazine design, photography, feature writing, marketing, and public relations. No matter what your act needs in the media world, Elizabeth can provide it. She is passionate, hard-working, talented and creative and Backbone Booking is lucky to have her on its team. Click the link below to see examples of previous works.

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