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Mind Medicine

Emerging from the lager-risen swamps of Tallahassee, Florida, Mind Medicine is an improvisational five-piece combining elements of funk, rock, jazz and blues to provide an ethereal and psychedelic live music experience.

Taller Trees


   Formerly the Tyler Denning Band, Taller Trees calls their sound Coastal Soul. It’s founded on roots music like blues and soul with a sweet glaze of pop on the surface— not the Katy Perry variety of pop though. If Stevie Wonder was a Floridian, he might have produced something like coastal soul music. Florida State University’s newspaper, the FSView, called the band’s sound “all-encompassing; rhythmic, melodic, soulful and groovy.” (full FSView article)

   One year after they formed, TDB won the Tally Award for Best Musical Group in Tallahassee. Since then they have played hundreds of shows, including the Pepsi BamaJam Fest in Alabama (2012) and Magnolia Fest at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park (2014). Gaining a huge amount of experience playing in and around Florida has honed their live show into a confident, energetic, smooth-flowing performance.

   The group’s discography consists of a full-length album, From The Ground Up(2013), and The Right Way EP (2014). The two projects document the evolution of the coastal soul sound, with blues-rock, reggae, and even folk songs flavoring the records. Denning makes good use of his Creative Writing degree with lyrical themes ranging from love and heartache to death and the fast pace of youth. The song On My Own speaks of a life lived fully, saying, “If my life is just a dream, I’ll wake up with one mean story to tell.” For now the story is still being written, but it’s shaping up to be a good one.

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